Digital Artistry

The images below are pieces of digital art created (by a human) through a painting program called Procreate. They have been minted as NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace, giving them a unique one-of-a-kind identifier on the Ethereum blockchain.


Down the Lane

Path of the Shepherd

Rjukanfoss Fall

Lonely Beach

A Rescue Coming

The River Stag

Learn More About NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have given given digital artists of all kinds a new and powerful means to not only distribute their art, but to control its distribution. This reduces piracy and allows creators to profit from and monitor the distribution of their works.

However, NFTs go far beyond digital works of art. They allow all kinds of digital records, created works, public accomplishments and more to be “minted” as a permanent and verifiable record on the blockchain.

If you are interested in minting your own NFTs or would like to find out more about leveraging this technology in your organization, we urge you to contact us below.

Let’s Mint Something

Whether you have a digital work of art or would like to develop a smart contract for your company, we can help you design and deliver a blockchain empowered solution.

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